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About UnsecuredLoans4u!

We all know finance can be really scary! No one wants to go looking for loans and be presented with millions of different options with different rates that you have to apply for individually. This is where our tool comes into its own we speed up the whole process by pinging all the lenders at the same time and then showing you the best option (APR) in the market to suit you, as the customer you can then decide to take the offer or check out another.

We have been in the unsecured finance market for the last ten years and have some of the biggest writers in consumer finance doing the digging for you!

Our Goal

Our goal at unsecuredloans4u or any of the Serpable brands is to give the customer a seamless application process from start to finish. We aim to put the consumer in front of the best option for the first time every time while still giving them the options to make the best-informed decision for them.

We promise to always give you the best option for you and not be swayed by any offer from lenders to get special privileges. We will also show you the best offer we can find FIRST TIME EVERY TIME.

Meet The Team!

Sally Hamilton

Sally has been writing for some of the most prestigious financial institutes in the market, long time writer for the Sunday Mail she has moved her way up the tree to the position of Deputy Finance Editor. Sally loves nothing more than to help people make the right decision with there personal finance.

Winner of the Headline Money Awards 2018 (Consumer Finance) Read More About It Here



George Nixon

Im George, I’ve been writing for some of the top press establishments for the last few years I specialise in financial matters for consumers and business, my real passion is helping people make the right decision when it comes to loans and credit cards.

I moved into journalism ten years ago after getting disillusioned with the financial advisor world (Fully Qualified).



Igor Grenskivo

Igor didn’t want to write his own Bio something to do with his accent coming through in his writing!! Igor Is the man with the brains when it comes to computers he lives on a different planet. He has handwritten the whole algorithm behind unsecuredloans that puts the customer in front of the correct lender in a matter of seconds.

Igor Is efficient in several different coding languages (all goes over my head) there isnt a problem to big that he cant find a solution for! If there is anything you want his tech to do just shout he will accommodate it.



Simon Slikanky

Im Simon, Igor number two currently studying .Net with the help of Igor looking to be fully qualified by the end of the year!! Wish me luck!!

From a personal level im a Hiking addict, coffee addict, fender owner, Mad Men fan and creative guru. Have the mantra nothing ventured, nothing gained.