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Borrow £250 to £3,000

by 14:55PM

Borrow £250 to £3,000

by 14:55PM

Borrow £250 to £3,000

by 14:55PM

Borrow £250 to £3,000

by 14:55PM

Borrow £250 to £3,000

by 14:55PM

Borrow £250 to £3,000

by 14:55PM

We Cater For All Types Of Credit History So Don’t Worry If You Have Poor Credit! We Can Find A Solution For You! Our Application Process Is Easy Start To Finish!
  • Bad Credit Accepted
  • Fast Payout
  • No Fees
  • Secure Application

Short Term Loans

£250 – £3,000

N Online decision
N Responsible lenders
N Rates from 278% to 1576% APR
N 3 – 12 month repayment

Personal Loans

£1,050 – £3,000

N Whole of Market panel
N Trusted panel of lenders
N Rates from 5.7% to 278% APR
N 3 – 36 month repayment

Representative 481.6% APR.
Representative example: £500 borrowed for 5 months. Total amount repayable is £991.85 in 5 monthly instalments of £198.37. Interest charged is £491.85, interest rate 236.1% pa (variable).

ccta and fca registered lender

Bad Credit Loans No Credit Check Direct Lender

Key Features

  • Many UK direct lenders are now willing to offer loans to those with bad credit.
  • If you’ve been refused before at the credit check stage then you may still be able to lend.
  • The term ‘no credit check’ often refers to high acceptance loans, or a soft credit check which has less impact.

Getting bad credit loans no credit check with a direct lender could be the best move you can make to help you get out of some financial hardship. It can be very challenging to get your life back on the right track or to fix a financial issue when you don’t have enough money that’s why its best to use payday loans direct lenders.

Getting a loan can be the best solution for you, but if you have bad credit, then the banks don’t want to know you. This is especially hard for people who actually make enough money to be able to afford loan repayments but happen to have a bad credit score. Luckily, there is a type of loan that people with similar circumstances to this can obtain and without it, there would be countless people who have gone destitute as a result.

Borrow anything from £100 to £25,000 today.
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What Are Bad Credit Loans No Credit Check Direct Lender?

This loan is for people who have bad credit, and it is issued by a direct lender who doesn’t perform a credit check. A direct lender is someone or a company who will be issuing you the loan from their own funds, and they don’t act as an intermediary. There are some lenders out there who will approve your loan but what they actually do is act as an affiliate for a larger corporation, or they will sell your loan on the secondary market to secure the funds.

Why Are Short Term No Credit Check Loans Good For You?

You should know by now just how heartless a bank can be when it comes to people who are on the brink of financial ruin. It doesn’t matter how much money you make and how capable you are of making repayments, if you have a bad credit score, the banks don’t care about you this is where the direct lenders come in. The best parts about this loan are that you are dealing directly with the person or company who will be issuing your money and they don’t have any bias towards you because of your credit score.

These lenders know that people can get bad credit scores for a whole range of reasons which may not be their fault or could be entirely out of their control. People can get into debt and ruin their credit because of relationship and marriage breakdowns, getting an injury or sickness which resulted in an expensive hospital visit, or even a car accident where there was no insurance to cover the cost of the damage. The banks don’t care about why or how you got that bad credit score; they just tar everyone with the same brush and only care about the fact that you have it.

Understanding No Credit Check Lenders And What They Require?

Everyone has to take care of themselves or other people and have bills to pay. You may need to obtain a loan for a variety of reasons which could be to cover a small expense you just don’t have the money for or to perhaps pay off a large medical bill or tax debt. Regardless of the reason, these loans can help you get out of your predicament, even if you have bad credit. Finance is available as a short term solution or as long term loans alike, you will easily be able to find the plan that suits your needs. So, make sure you do something about it and look into getting bad credit loans with no credit check through a direct lender to try and fix your financial problem soon.

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More Bad Credit, No Check, Direct Lender Loan FAQs

What interest rate will I pay?

The interest rate charged on your loan will depend on your financial circumstances, the amount of money you would like to borrow and the amount of time you’re going to need to repay it in full. If you are able to repay your loan sooner than planned, you may be able to reduce the amount of interest being charged on it. However, this will depend on the lender who you are working with.

Do I need to pay a loan application fee?

No. No reputable lending institution will ask you to pay any type of application fee upfront when applying for payday loans. If a company insists that you pay an upfront fee, it’s best to avoid using them.

If my credit history is bad, can I still apply?

You most definitely can still apply for no credit check loans, as there are many direct lenders available that will be willing to assist you – even if your credit history is bad or non-existent.

How much paperwork must I fill in?

UK loan providers understand that applicants don’t have a lot of time to fill in endless amounts of paperwork. As a result, they usually only need you to complete a single page online form in full before they will make a decision regarding your application. Information you provide must always be true and accurate.

What will my repayment terms be?

Although many payday loan products are designed to be repaid within one month, several lenders are willing offer loans with extended repayment periods to between 3 and 36 months. This can be extremely handy, especially if you need to borrow a larger amount of cash.