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Key Features

  • Cheap loans are loan products that have lower interest rates than other similar products on the market.
  • By comparing options you can find the best deal that suits your requirements.
  • Even if you have bad credit or no guarantor, you should still find a loan that will fit your budget.

You have probably seen a lot of ads for poor credit payday loans that boast about guaranteed approval. They make it sound so easy to be approved for these loans, and the truth is that it really is. Most people who submit an application for a payday loan will be approved for a loan. They may not be approved for the exact loan they wanted, but there is likely one loan that the lender will approve them for.

Payday lenders look primarily at income to determine eligibility fast. If you can meet their basic requirements, like being of legal age and having a valid bank account, then you really only need to have steady income to be approved for some type of loan from a payday lender.

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Now, how much you make will determine who large your loan is. Some lenders will look a bit deeper and want to see what your monthly bills are like before they offer you guaranteed payday loans no matter what. The majority of them do a perfunctory check of your finances, not even bothering to look at your credit, and they base your loan approval on your income. So, when UK lenders say they will give you guaranteed payday loans no matter what, they typically mean that your credit doesn’t factor into the decision. Your income still will, and if you don’t make enough to meet their minimum loan requirements, then you will be denied for the loan you want.

If your credit isn’t very good and you don’t have a lot of extra income to work with, then these types of loans are going to be your best bet of getting the money you need. Just look for terms like “guaranteed approval” to find loans online that most people would be eligible for. This kind of open eligibility is very common on payday loans. Those loans rely more on income than credit to determine eligibility. As long as you are getting a steady paycheck from somewhere, you should be eligible for some loan. It may not be the size of loan that you want, as low income means a small loan, in many cases. The lender wants to be sure that you will have a chance to repay them on time and instantly. If they don’t see the income to back up your application, then they may deny your initial loan request or suggest a different loan instead.

Having bad credit or not much income doesn’t have to be the end of the line when it comes to borrowing money. Your bank may reject your loan application and many other lenders may not even consider after they do a credit check, but you still have some choices available to you. You can still seek out decent terms from a variety of lenders. The payday loan industry is bigger than ever before, and there are lots of lenders out there offering guaranteed payday loans no matter what. Just keep in mind the stipulations and restrictions that come with these, requiring you to meet the minimum income threshold to be eligible.

Who can get a Cheap, Guaranteed Payday Loan?

First and foremost, cheap loans mean that the interest rate is low and the total loan cost is low. You know very well that cheap loans are reserved for those with good credit. So, clearly, you might think that that people with bad credit would have a hard time getting a cheap loan. If you are one of these people with bad credit who needs a loan with guaranteed approval, then look for payday loans. Payday loans are known to have an incredibly high-interest rate, but there are alternative actions you can do to get a cheaper rate with a guaranteed payday loan.

One option you can do, of course, is to get a guarantor. Another is putting up a personal asset to secure your loan. With the extra layer of security, the lenders will be assured that the money you will borrow will be repaid. Thus, the lender will surely grant you a cheaper payday loan with guaranteed approval. As mentioned, payday loan lenders are more focused on your income and ability to repay the loan. Therefore, those who do not have a regular job may not be direct guaranteed approval. However, some lenders offer guaranteed payday loans for the unemployed.

How can this be? Unemployed actually means no regular job or not receiving income from employment. If you have other forms of income such as benefits or sales commission, then you can get a loan approval. The loan amount and the rate of interest would still depend, however, on the amount you are receiving each month versus your monthly expenses. So anyone with a stable income, whether form employment or other sources, and those who can get a guarantor or have a loan collateral can certainly qualify for a guaranteed payday loan. Just remember also that cheap loans demand good credit rating. So, if you want to get a cheaper loan, then work on your credit score and do your best to improve it. Good credit rating and stable income are surely the ingredients in getting a cheap, guaranteed payday loan.

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More Guaranteed Cheap Loan FAQs

Will lenders perform credit checks?

Nowadays, many lenders are willing to assist with providing cheap loans that do not require any form of credit checks to be performed. However, you could end up paying higher interest rates on this type of loan because you may be considered as a higher than average risk where repayment is concerned

Do lenders guarantee acceptance?

Although some lenders will have stricter application criteria than others, there may be a few that will be willing to guarantee that they will provide you with cheap loans when you need them the most. However, you will need to enquire about this while you’re in the process of applying for your loan.

Can I apply if I’m between jobs?

Yes you can! If you are able to provide proof that you will be starting a new position shortly, but have already left your previous place of employment, there will be some lenders that will be willing to assist you with a little extra cash to get you through the time that you won’t be receiving any wages or salary.

What interest rates are charged?

Interest rates can vary depending on an applicant’s personal financial circumstances, as well as on the specific lender that will be assisting you. This means that you may sometimes be able to obtain better interest rates on cheap loans with guaranteed acceptance if you have a little time to shop around.

Can I make early repayments?

Most definitely! If you are fortunate enough to obtain additional funds that you would like to put towards repaying your loan early, you will normally be allowed to do so. You will need to discuss this option with your specific lender though, as some of them may have different terms and conditions associated with doing this.