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Borrow £250 to £3,000

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We Cater For All Types Of Credit History So Don’t Worry If You Have Poor Credit! We Can Find A Solution For You! Our Application Process Is Easy Start To Finish!
  • Bad Credit Accepted
  • Fast Payout
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Short Term Guarantor Loans

£250 – £3,000

N Online decision
N Responsible lenders
N Rates from 278% to 1576% APR
N 3 – 12 month repayment

Personal Guarantor Loans

£1,050 – £3,000

N Whole of Market panel
N Trusted panel of lenders
N Rates from 5.7% to 278% APR
N 3 – 36 month repayment

Representative 481.6% APR.
Representative example: £500 borrowed for 5 months. Total amount repayable is £991.85 in 5 monthly instalments of £198.37. Interest charged is £491.85, interest rate 236.1% pa (variable).

ccta and fca registered lender

Guarantor Loan No Credit Check Benefits

Key Features

  • Applying for a loan with a guarantor makes it more likely your application will be accepted.
  • The term ‘no credit check guarantor loan’ may actually mean a soft credit check is carried out.
  • Though bad credit may be accepted, eligibility checks still need to be performed.

There are various kinds of loans which are designed to fulfil your short-term and long-term needs. You should apply for the most appropriate loan so that your needs will be fulfilled in the best possible way. There are loans which can be applied in spite of bad credit score. However, the rate of interest will be very high and you will make loss in the long run. The borrowing options should be based on personal circumstances and your credit status. If you are not aware of your credit score, you can get help from the credit monitoring service.

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Benefits of Guarantor Loans

There are many benefits with Guarantor Loans No Credit Check loan. Unsecured loans will be offered based on the fulfilment of a guarantor. You should be aware of the selection of the guarantor. The guarantor should not depend on you economically. He or she can be your friend, family member or associate. The guarantor should have a regular source of income. The source of income can be monthly salary or income on property.

You can borrow £500 to £15,000 unsecured loan with the help of a borrower. The repayment period is spread in between 1 and 5 years. People with poor credit will be benefited with this kind of loan so that there will be great convenience. The lending decision will be conveyed instantly. There are multiple loan or lender options so that there will not be any issues.

The guarantor can be a homeowner or a tenant. The representative APR of the loan will be 39.9%. You can find more details about the loan by contacting the agent directly. Before applying for the loan, you can get information from experts so that the most appropriate steps can be taken as per your needs.

The other kinds of loans that you can get from a reputed borrower include quick payday loans, instalment loans, doorstep loans, and personal loans. Personal loans can be managed in spited of bad credit. Guarantor loans are far better than payday loans as you will save lot of money on interest rate.

Guarantor Loans with a Bad Credit Score?

You can manage a loan in spite of bad credit score. As a matter of fact, you will not have a credit score until you turn 18. You can obtain a credit card and loan as per your convenience. You can send in a loan application for loans and mortgages as well without any issues. If you do not have a credit history, you will not be able to get loan from most of the lenders. Lenders will not be able to judge the capability of applicants if they fail to provide the credit score.

Guarantor Loans No Credit Check is a great bonanza for individuals as they will be able to get unsecured loans at best interest rates. The guarantor loan can be applied directly or with the help of a representative. When you take the help of a representative, you will be able to find available lenders very easily. A loan can be applied from the best lender so that there will be absolute transparency.

Are Guarantor Loans the Best Borrowing Option?

Guarantor Loans No Credit Check can be customised as per your needs. There will not be any credit check so that applicants will be benefited. The applicant should provide a guarantor who can repay the loan if the applicant fails to pay the loan. When you manage a guarantor loan, you will not approach expensive options such as payday loans.

Payday loan will be granted at a very high interest rate. The interest rate will be 25% or more so that there will be great burden on customers. If you fail to get loan from other ways, you can always explore a guarantor loan. The representative or professional agency will help you get best loan. If your credit score is blemished, you will get a guarantor loan so that your score will improve without any issues.

You will not want to face additional risk when you choose a guarantor loan and all your financial needs will be fulfilled. It is possible to close your payday loans also by using the funds managed through the guarantor loan.

Do I Need a Credit Check?

With a guarantor loan, they often don’t rely on a credit check as it’s understood that your credit is going to be poor hence applying for this type of product. We can say there be no credit check but it certainly won’t be the deciding factor of your application.

Are They Short Term Loans?

They don’t have to be if you want them to be short term loans then that option is there you can always take a lower amount of finance this will help you clear the balance faster. If you don’t want the finance to be a short term.

What Do I Need to Apply?

Each lender has a very different set of criteria but as a general rule you will need to be a resident in the uk and not on a visa.

You will need to have a bank account with which you can make the payments a job helps but not always vital and finally you will need to be over the age of 18 that one is the law so unfortunately can’t be avoided.

What can they be used for?

A personal loan may be utilised for different needs, such as a car purchase, wedding or consolidation of multiple debt balances.

What can’t they be used for?

  • Business purposes or investment
  • To bridge loans
  • Deposits for mortgages
  • Speculative or unfounded reasons
  • To buy or retain interest in a property or land

Will I Know the Total Loan Cost Without Providing My Personal Information?

A personalised quote may be provided based on the personal circumstances and financial standing of the individual circumstances depending on the amount he or she would like to borrow. It is therefore necessary to submit and assess your personal information. Most lenders will be able to give you a rough idea of what you can get but overall you will need to provide your details so they can give you an accurate quote.

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More No Credit Check Guarantor Loan FAQs

Are credit checks performed when applying?

Although many providers of guarantor loans will not perform credit checks when you apply, some of them may do so – especially if you have never worked with them before. However, the lender will inform you when applying whether a credit check will be performed or not and whether the findings thereof will affect your application.

Can I get my money today?

In most cases, you will be able to obtain your loan funds on the same day that you submit your application. If any delays are going to be experienced, your lender will inform you at the time of applying – larger amounts of money may sometimes take up to 48 hours to become available.

How do I repay my loan?

Lenders have done everything they can to make your loan repayment process as quick and convenient as possible. In fact, most of them now only require your bank account number so that they can perform direct deductions on the due date each week or month. This means that you won’t have to stand in long queues to repay your loan at any time.

How old must I be to obtain loans?

Most lenders will stipulate that you must be 18 years or older when applying for any of their products. If you are under 18, you may sometimes be able to work in conjunction with a co-signer or guarantor, but not all lenders will be willing to assist in this manner.

Can I get a loan for a holiday?

In most cases, lenders will inform you that you are allowed to use your loan funds for any purpose you like. This can include taking a quick getaway trip – or even a longer holiday if your loan amount is large enough.