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N Rates from 5.7% to 278% APR*
N 3-36 month repayment

Representative example: £500 borrowed for 5 months. Total amount repayable is £991.85 in 5 monthly instalments of £198.37. Interest charged is £491.85, interest rate 238.1% pa (variable). Representative 481.6% APR.

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£50 Payday Loans Direct Lenders

Key Features

  • A small payday loan of £50 can be approved online in minutes.
  • There are numerous UK direct lenders ready to provide cash so it’s important to compare rates.
  • Small amounts mean that bad credit and having no guarantor aren’t always obstacles when it comes to lending.

50 payday loans direct lenders are short-term financial products that are typically offered to people who are employed in the UK. The leading direct lenders of 50 payday loans, however, differ in terms of options, interest rates, fees and charges. Depending on your needs and present circumstances, you can also take a loan amount that is higher than £50.

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The Application Process

Normally, a 50 payday loan direct lender will offer you with a loan calculator, post representative interest rates, and make things as easy as possible for you to qualify for £50 payday loans. The application process is also swift and seamless and can be accomplished in as little as 5 minutes. Once you have submitted your application, you will receive an instant notification from your lender.

You can expect your £50 payday loan to be deposited into your bank account within minutes, or hours after your application is approved. The loans are also unsecured which means there is no need to put up any form of asset or collateral to secure your loan deal. £50 payday loans are designed to cover unexpected expenses or to tide you over between paycheques. They also compare better than bank loans and bank overdraft facilities, which typically need a lot of paperwork and processing times.

Interest Rates from £50 Payday Loans Direct Lenders

Every time you take out a loan from a lender, the total cost that you will have to incur will be decided by the length of your borrowing and its APR or Annual Percentage Rate. In the UK, the FCA puts a limit on the maximum APR allowed on payday loans. With that being said, it would be wise to utilize a £50 payday loans calculator to gauge multiple payday loan lenders and their loan offers. Simply slide the dial from left to right to toggle the loans amount you intend to borrow, and the term of the loan.

Some of the vital factors that determine the interest rates on payday loans include:

  • The APR on a £50 payday loan. If there is a 20% APR on your £50 payday loan, for instance, you can expect to repay £10 plus the principal amount of £50. The APR covers not only the interest rate of your loan but also all the admin fees, hidden charges and other costs attached to your credit.
  • The APR represents the entire year of cost for your loan. But because payday loans are paid on a short-term basis, in a single month or several months, you will not necessarily be carrying the full APR of your loan.

Comparing £50 Payday Loan Direct Lenders Rates

There a number of ways in which you can compare loan options that you can access with £50 payday loans. One of the best ways is to use a comparison site which compares the loan amounts, APR, term and total repayment amount for each lender. There are also other independent sites that provide unbiased reports on the best lenders and their representative rates. Quality of service is also crucial which means word of mouth on the internet from testimonials and review sites is something that you may also want to look into in comparing different direct lenders.

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More £50 Direct Payday Loan FAQs

Do the loans come from direct lenders?

Yes. One of the main advantages of obtaining £50 payday loans from direct lenders is that you have a convenient point of contact in case you have a query or complaint regarding your loan at any time. Working with direct lenders also enables you to obtain your cash far quicker.

What application fee is payable?

Absolutely none! No reputable direct lender will charge you an application fee when you apply for any of their products. Their income is derived from the interest that is charged on the loans they provide.

Can I obtain small loans?

Most certainly! Today’s lenders understand that there is more of a market than ever for small payday loans. As a result, they have made it possible to borrow amounts of £50 to £100 for individuals who don’t want to borrow too much money at once.

Why are my bank details needed?

Most lenders prefer to work by depositing your loan directly into your bank account instead of providing you with actual cash. This is far safer and it allows you to get faster access to the money you need as well.

Can unemployed individuals get loans?

Yes. Many lenders are now willing to assist unemployed individuals with small payday loans, especially if they are currently between jobs or they receive benefit income on a regular basis.