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We Cater For All Types Of Credit History So Don’t Worry If You Have Poor Credit! We Can Find A Solution For You! Our Application Process Is Easy Start To Finish!
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Short Term Loans

£250 – £3,000

N Online decision
N Responsible lenders
N Rates from 278% to 1576% APR
N 3 – 12 month repayment

Personal Loans

£1,050 – £3,000

N Whole of Market panel
N Trusted panel of lenders
N Rates from 5.7% to 278% APR
N 3 – 36 month repayment

Representative 481.6% APR.
Representative example: £500 borrowed for 5 months. Total amount repayable is £991.85 in 5 monthly instalments of £198.37. Interest charged is £491.85, interest rate 236.1% pa (variable).

ccta and fca registered lender

Long term loans bad credit no guarantor?

Key Features

  • Longer loan term are typically used for larger borrowing amounts to keep the repayments at a reasonable level.
  • There are now options available from direct lenders for those with no guarantor available.
  • If you have poor credit, a long term loan could be an option, and could even help raise your credit rating.

If you go for a small long-term loan from a reputed financial institution, the rate of interest will possibly low and the repayment can be done in a very efficient way. As your earnings will increase with time, there will be a little financial burden in paying the monthly instalments. However, the rate of interest is based in the past score maintained by you. You should take the best possible steps so you manage cash which can manage as per your needs without any issues.

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How To Get Extra Funds Through Loans?

You get additional funds through long term finance by taking the advice offered by experts for all unsecured finance. You should choose the best partner so there is absolute clarity in the payout. You submit an online application which is a straightforward method. The agreement terms and conditions can understand by you very easily.

There is great flexibility when choosing what financial product you use and approved customers are able to customise the amount as well as tenure as per their needs. If you have a poor rate, you take the help of the premier agency so that you will get the best advice to revive your rating. Effective steps should be taken to overcome the negative marks on your profile. By taking the help of a leading financial broker, you will not only be able to apply for the agreement but are able to get cash without any issues. It is possible to find the best plan as per your condition so that the drawbacks will be eliminated and positive features will be highlighted. You take advantage of the counselling offered by underwriters as well. There are various options for homeowners with adverse history. The best longer term loan is taken with the help of a professional agency.

How To Minimise The Risk For Both You And The Lender?

Banks and financial institutions would like to minimise risk factors before lending money to individuals and commercial entities. The history is the bench mark followed by banks to grant various kinds of finance. It is managed by following the guidelines offered by experts. Financial experts will go through your profile and they will help you overcome the drawbacks. If there are any discrepancies in the report, steps should be taken to remove the errors.

When you opt for a long term loans, there could be low-interest rates and the application process can be very quick indeed. The repayment term varies from 3 to 30 years. Secured finance can be taken by individuals for any purpose. To get the latest rates and get free advice, you consult experts. There are agencies which are ready to help you in this direction. They will do all the homework and will perform the comparative analysis as well.

Even though you have a very poor history, the agency will help you find the best match for you so you will save time, effort and money. The online comparison tool will provide you all the links and the company that best fulfils your needs selected.

Understanding Term Loan?

You should go through the long term finance features so you will understand them properly before signing up the contract. If you go for long term loans, there can be lock-in and repayment penalties. If you go for a new money, you might want to pay lock-in penalty in the old finance.

There are structured payments when you go for secured finance. It is easy to pay the same amount throughout the period so that there will not be any financial burden. Thus, you can plan your financing needs as per your capability. There should be room for emergencies as well.

By planning for the agreement in the best possible way, you’re be able to fulfil your needs without any issues. If the amount is very small, you will not want to go for long term loans. If you are borrowing more than £5,000, there will be great profit and your interests will be fulfilled in the best possible way. Thus, you plan for a long-term loan even though you fail to manage good score.

Taking Out a Long Term Loans with Poor Credit

Discussing your previous financial struggles can be very uncomfortable, but we understand your circumstances. We can help you find the long term loans that will fit your needs and financial status. We fully understand how frustrating it can be when you need funds to pay for your debt, but you cannot qualify for loans because of loans poor credit. So, if you are in search of a bad credit long term loan, you will find it with us, with our simple and quick application process. We have encountered many customers that have been through tough times when it comes to money matters. You may have a poor credit score because you fell behind your payments or had multiple debts; you may have suffered from unemployment and got into debt deeply.

For whatever reason your credit rating is low, don’t let it ruin your future. You’ll find some lenders offer a flexible range of long-term loans with affordable monthly payments. While some money lenders ask for a guarantor or loan collateral to secure your loan, some lenders offer unsecured long-term finance for loans bad credit.

These loans are lenient and hassle-free, which is why you must understand that they come with a much higher interest compared to regular loans for those with good credit. Use the funds wisely and consider the loan as your chance to improve your credit score. Since the loan is stretch long term, the monthly repayments will not be a burden, as they are in small amounts. This way, you can repay the loan comfortably and you will not have to worry that you cannot settle it. Once your credit rating improves, you will be able to qualify for a better loan deal in the future. Talk to us today, and we will help you get back in shape financially.

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More Long Term Loan, Bad Credit No Guarantor Loan FAQs

Can I get long-term loans with bad credit?

Many direct lenders are now willing to provide long-term loans or term debt for individuals who have bad credit histories and no guarantor to assist them. In some cases, it’s even possible to improve your credit history after obtaining these loans and ensuring that they are repaid on time.

Is it mandatory to have a guarantor?

No. When applying for long-term loans from direct lenders, it is not necessary to provide a guarantor in most cases. Bankers understand that individuals who are applying for their loans will not normally be able to provide a guarantor or any form of upfront security.

What interest rate will be charged?

Interest rates on long-term loans for individuals who have a bad credit history and no guarantor will vary from one borrower to another. Other factors that will affect the interest rate being charged on your loan is the amount of money you need to borrow and the timeframe you need to repay it in full.

If my application is declined, can I reapply?

Loan applications can be declined for various reasons including the fact that an individual may not earn enough to borrow the amount they have requested or the loan application form has not been completed in full. If your application is declined, the lender will let you know why, and this can enable you to reapply – provided that you supply all of the required information.

Can I repay my loan before its due date?

Most lenders will allow you to repay your loan before its due date if you’re able to do so. However, you will need to contact them ahead of time and let them know that you intend doing so. In many cases, early repayment could save on interest charges.