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Representative example: £500 borrowed for 5 months. Total amount repayable is £991.85 in 5 monthly instalments of £198.37. Interest charged is £491.85, interest rate 238.1% pa (variable). Representative 481.6% APR.

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The Best Long Term Loans Even With Bad Credit

Key Features

  • Longer term loans tend to be used when borrowing larger amounts of money.
  • They are often used for business asset purchases, or major home improvements.
  • Bad credit is commonly accepted, and UK direct lenders can be compared online.

So your credit isn’t very good, then your financial options are somewhat limited. Lenders are more likely to deny your applications for cash if you suffer from a poor history. They see you as a risk and don’t want to chance losing their money. Most lenders will be looking for sure bets in the form of people with a high score and steady income. If you don’t have those qualifications, then you may have trouble getting the money you want.

You do have some options, however, and we are going to look at some of them today.

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Guarantor Loans

The most accessible long term finance for borrowers is guaranteed based agreements. These don’t rely on your scores at all. Instead, a co-signer known as a guarantor takes responsibility for the monthly instalments. You are still supposed to pay back the amount as best you can, but should you can’t repay the monthly instalments on time for some reason, then the guarantor has to shoulder all that responsibility. The lenders will be looking toward your guarantor for the money they are owed.

It can be risky to you to ask someone you know to be the guarantor for a any kind of finance. If you end up not paying the amount back on time, and your friend has to take over for you, it can strain your relationship. You need to be aware of the potential risks before you choose this borrowing method.

Secured Financing

Do you have an asset that can be used as collateral, then you may be eligible for a long term loan. That asset could be anything valuable, such as your home, car or property. Once again, this kind of money is risky to you, because you could lose that asset should you fail to pay back the full amount. This is one of the most common types of long-term loans for poor history, but it is not one you want to enter into lightly. You have to be able to give up whatever asset you have placed up as collateral, otherwise, the finance is too much of a risk for you.

Secured Finance are a good investment for many bad history lenders. If they feel they cannot trust the borrower to pay back the monthly agreement on time, at least they have a consolation prize with the asset. The title or deed to the asset would need to be handed over to the lender at the beginning of the agreement period, which means that they can come claim that asset you fail to make your payments on time. The lender doesn’t have to rely on your history to determine you are a trustworthy lender, so this can speed up the lending process and ensure that your poor previous history doesn’t get in the way of you getting the money you need. These are just a couple of lending options that are available for people who want long term financing. You have to realise that your choices are limited and that you may have to make a less than desirable agreement to get the necessary funds. Once your score improves, then you should have more options available to you.

There are still plenty of options out there for you which we will bring you available to you a click of a finger, our application process is designed to make every second of the application process smooth from start to finish we have been in the industry for years so we understand what makes a smooth and efficient application process for all unsecured loans, we anticipate the whole application from start to finish will not take longer than 2 minutes we gather all the information to process the agreement in a fast manner once you have applied the app is sent off to our back office team that will make sure your application is dealt with in a fast manner, we will need to phone you to discuss it to make sure everything is in order but that call as a general rule doesn’t take longer than 10 minutes from start to finish.

Finding the Best Long-term Loan for Bad Credit?

Bad credit is perhaps the most disliked term by many in the world of credit. It can absolutely ruin your chances of getting the best loan deals on the market. However, with the increasing demand for loans along with the increasing number of lenders and competition, many lenders are now willing to offer loans even to those with poor or bad credit history. Today, even if you have a bad history in your finances, finding the best loan is not impossible although it is a bit more challenging. You only have to be patient in searching and comparing the loan options available to you that will match your current situation. You would need to compare a number of factors, so to say that one is the best loan for you. In general, the best loans are those with the lowest loan cost. Loans and lenders compete with the rates they offer, but other factors play an important role as well. When you compare the loan cost, you may say that the cheapest is the best. However, consider also the flexibility of the loan term offered by the lender, other fees and extra charges involved, and other loan features included that you can take advantage. The best loans are also those with lenders who have such good customer service and provide the easiest and fastest loan application, process, and fund transfer.

Why is it best to get a long-term loan despite having a bad credit?

A long-term loan can be quite a helping hand to boost your finances, taking the stress out of huge expenses you have at the present. You might need the funds to renovate your home, spend for your big day, consolidate your debts, buy a car, pay for a hospital bill or invest in your dream business. Whatever your need is, even if you have bad credit, getting a long-term loan is the best option for you. With a long-term loan, you can spread your payments and pay them comfortably. We can help you find a long-term loan that is tailored to your personal circumstance. Even if you have a bad credit history, you can still benefit from having small, fixed monthly payments over a longer period.

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More FAQs About the Best Long Term Loans

Who provides the best long-term loans?

Many direct lenders are available these days, meaning that interest rates and terms and conditions associated with long-term loans will vary between them. This means that you should be able to shop around between lenders to ensure that you receive the most suitable deal for your financial situation.

How do I repay my loan?

The easiest way to repay long-term loans is to ensure that sufficient funds are made available in your bank account on the due date that each instalment is going to be deducted. Most lenders now insist on working with direct deposits and deductions instead of physical cash for various reasons.

Why must I supply bank details?

Supplying your banking details will enable direct lenders to provide you with your funds a lot faster than if they had to give you physical cash. This is also a lot safer, especially where larger loan amounts are concerned.

How many direct lenders will contact me?

More than one lender may contact you after submitting your application. This will allow you to decide which of their offers will be best for you to accept.

Can I decline a lender’s offer?

When searching for the best long-term loans and you are contacted by various direct lenders, you will be able to decline an offer if you feel that it is not what you are looking for. For instance, interest rates could vary and repayment terms may be more favourable with an alternative lender. If you decline an offer, you may have to go through the application process again at a later stage.