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Representative example: £500 borrowed for 5 months. Total amount repayable is £991.85 in 5 monthly instalments of £198.37. Interest charged is £491.85, interest rate 238.1% pa (variable). Representative 481.6% APR.

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Key Features

  • Long term lending is popular with those looking for larger sums of money.
  • Typically they are used for purchasing business assets or substantial home improvements.
  • Finding the cheapest interest rates available can save a lot of money overall.

Do People with Bad Credit Need a Guarantor for a Loan?

Thanks to the recent economic depression, many people have very poor. They made some bad financial decisions in an effort to pay bills or protect themselves financially or they may simply not have had any choice but to miss payments due to a lack of funds. This has affected a large number of people, and those affected may find that they have a difficult time getting approved for a long-term finance.

That’s because long-term finance are risky for lenders. When they lend money to someone, they have little guarantee that the person will pay them back on time or even pay them at all. While there are legal repercussions for not paying the monthly instalments, the lenders don’t want to wait for that legal process to take effect to get their money back. They want to start seeing payments being made as soon as they are due. That’s why they are often very careful about who they approve for money.

That applies more so to a long term loan, where borrowers are less likely to make all their payments on time. When there are more payments involved, there is a greater chance that some of those payments won’t be made in a timely manner, if at all. That’s what lenders are afraid of when they have people applying for their finance. So, they may use a check to determine should you are a good fit for their agreements or if you are going to be a risk. If they think you are too risky, they may not approve you for a long-term, but they may offer you a short-term cash instead. They are more likely to at least get most of their money back with a short-term loan.

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Where To Find The Cheapest Long Term Loans With Bad Credit?

There are long terms cash is available for people with a poor history. Some of them are even long term loans with no guarantor required. A guarantor can pay the monthly instalment if the initial borrower is unable to, and often the guarantor will be someone with better history or more income than the initial borrower.

Using a guarantor for unsecured loans is a good way to ensure that someone with bad history can still be approved for the finance. However, they are often approved on the strength of the guarantor.

Do you have poor past and you want long terms with no back up necessary, then you will have fewer options. Of course, there are plenty of no guarantor options for people who want to take out a cash on their own. Your past determines not only how much you may in interest for the cash but also whether or not you are approved for that loan in the first place.

Do you want finance without a back up, and your past isn’t the greatest, then you will have to do some serious looking for a reasonable rate. You may find lenders willing to lend to you, but their rates are likely going to be sky high. You should do some rate shopping, but you may not have a lot of options to peruse. Your Options

You can specifically search for “long-term loans, no guarantor required” when you search. Then just whittle it down to the lenders that offer finance to people with poor scores(they will usually advertise this) or those who don’t perform a check. Either one of them will likely want to take a detailed look at your financials to ensure that you can afford to pay it back. The financial check out, then you should be approved. Just know that it would be easier to get a cash should you have decent score and a guarantor with great past. The guarantor acts as a fail safe. Should you not pay, then the guarantor does. That’s reassuring for the lender, and they are more likely to approve you for a finance should you give them no reason to assess you as a risk.

You should also know that all of your options are likely going to come with high interest rates. That’s to be expected when you need a cash with bad to your name. Once your situation improves, so will the offers and interest rates, but for now, you will have to make due with what is available to your financial status.

Cheap Long-term Loans Online – How Easy Are They To Get?

Who doesn’t want a cheap loan? Of course, everyone wants to get the best loan deals out there. However, a loan is an obligation. So, when you search for the cheapest long-term loan, you also need to think about some important things. Ask yourself whether you can really afford the monthly payments and whether your circumstances are likely to change in the coming months that could affect your repayments. Consider also other aspects of the loan aside from the APR and interest, such as early repayment, other fees, and payment breaks or deferred loan payments. Your credit score also matters a lot. It has the greatest influence on the loan that will be granted to you. If you have poor credit, you might not get the cheapest possible loan out there, but you can still find a lower loan cost. The technique is to shop around as much as you can, but choose the lenders who offer no credit check, so your credit rating will not be affect further more.

You can get a cheaper loan deal for a longer term with secured loans and guarantor loans. Secured loans will allow you to borrow the amount you wish over a longer repayment period at a lower interest, but it will be secured against your home or other personal asset. Guarantor loans are also a great option when you have a low credit rating. As long as you can find a person with good credit and steady income, who is willing to cosign your loan, then this is the cheapest possible loan deal for you. While banks are known to offer the cheapest loans on the market, online lenders have become their greatest competitors, offering cheap loans with flexible loan terms and much more lenient requirements.

Online lenders also offer a much more faster and convenient way to apply and process loans. Searching for a cheap loan online can be overwhelming, that is why we are here to help people like you. Just provide us with your details and the amount you want to borrow and for how long, then we will do the job of searching for the lender. If you have a poor credit, it will be extra challenging to find a lender who is willing to offer you a cheap loan, but we will help you compare as many lenders as possible to increase your chances of getting the loan deal you seek. Once you get a loan, work on improving your credit rating by paying your monthly dues on time. With a good credit, you will be able to qualify to the cheapest loans on your next loan application.

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More Cheap Long Term Loan FAQs

Can I shop around for cheap long-term loans?

Owing to the fact that there are now more direct lenders available than ever before, this makes is possible for individuals to shop around between them when applying for loans. It may sometimes be possible to find a lender that offers more competitive interest rates and better repayment terms than their competitors.

How easy is it to apply?

Far easier than you think! You will need to complete a basic online application form and provide honest information regarding current income and regular expenses. Once your application has been submitted, you will usually receive a decision regarding approval or rejection almost instantly.

What application fees must be paid?

No reputable lender will ever ask you to pay application fees upfront when completing the basic information form. If a direct lender asks you to pay any form of fee before they will process your application, you will be better off working with someone else.

What repayment terms are available?

Each lender will have their own repayment system available, and many of them will be willing to create a custom plan that suits your financial needs. However, terms can often average between 1 and 36 months – especially for larger loan amounts.

How much my loan be repaid?

In most cases, direct lenders will make the loan repayment process as easy and convenient as possible for you. You will need to provide bank account details when applying, and each instalment will be deducted on a predetermined date every week or month. This means that you won’t have to visit a physical location to stand in line and repay your loan.