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Representative example: £500 borrowed for 5 months. Total amount repayable is £991.85 in 5 monthly instalments of £198.37. Interest charged is £491.85, interest rate 238.1% pa (variable). Representative 481.6% APR.

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Find a long term loan online

Long term loans onlineBeing laid off or fired from your job isn’t the best situation to be in financially, but you know your circumstances will change for the better at some point. It’s just a matter of time before you have a job again and you are back to receiving a regular paycheck. When you are between jobs, you still need money, though, and it can be difficult to get any without regular income. You may be trying freelance work or taking odd jobs to meet your financial obligations, but it’s not the same financial status as having a job.

There is more security in receiving a regular paycheck, and that’s going to factor in to any bank or lender’s decision to approve you for a finance. Applying for any finance while you are unemployed, you might be turned down by the majority of lenders. They see you as too much of a risk, and can make promises about getting a job soon, but they want something that is surer than that.

You will find that a lot of lenders will tell you “no” when it comes to finance while you don’t have a job. However, there are some who will approve your applications. These tend to be lenders that are not banks and that offer to people with poor past history. Any lender specialising in bad agreements is a good one to seek out for money for unemployed people. As incredible as it may seem, there are people who will give you the cash when you have no source of income.

What Do I Need To Do To Get A Online Loan?

They are going to look at a few factors before making a determination, though. They won’t just give you a money just like that. They will want to see your employment record. Can show that you had a solid employment record and that you were laid off rather than fired, then it will look good for your future prospects. It helps can show some skills and training that will help you to get another job. The lender is going to want to see that you have a good chance of getting that next job, so anything you do to help yourself look better in their eyes is going to help.

Any long loans for unemployed people that you apply for are only going to be approved can make a good case for why the lender should lend you money. If you have a history of bad history, of moving from one job to another and general financial instability, then your prospects will be much smaller than they could be. You may want to see about getting a guarantor for the finance. This means having someone else sign onto the agreement to say that they will take over responsibility for repaying the monthly instalment if you should fail to repay the monthly payments on time. Having a guarantor on the agreement will greatly improve your prospects for approval, and that could be your best bet for getting that cash, if your history with finance is poor or your job history is spotty.

Finding the right direct lender online now is a massive help for most people the days have gone where you have to go visit the bank manager and hope hes in a good mood and will lend you some money, today we can process your whole application from start to finish online, the form will take 60 seconds to go through from top to bottom. We pride ourselves on being a efficient and fast service from start to finish our whole application process is designed to find you the best lender in the country fast as possible.

Online finance is becoming the most popular method of getting cash these days as more and more customers search for cash it speeds up the whole process from start to finish for all unsecured loans.

Unemployed? Bad Credit? No problem!

Don’t let your past ruin your life today. If you have been turned down by other lenders because you have a bad past financially or because you don’t have a steady income right now, then you have come to the right place. We will find ways for you to get the money you need.

You have to admit – nothing is more convenient than getting a loan online! No need to get an appointment or get in a queue. Everything is easy and quick when you process a loan online. And yes, it is also possible to get a long-term loan online! Whatever you need it for, you can get a long-term loan online with us.

Long-term loans can be more practical than any short-term loan for two main reasons. One, you can borrow a much larger amount. And two, your monthly repayments are smaller and more affordable. Although at some point, it can also make your total loan amount more costly, a long-term loan can help you cope with your finances as of the moment without having a headache of paying a large amount each month.

Majority of lenders offering long-term loans allow you to pay back the loan over five years, but you also have a choice to pay it back over a longer period such as seven to ten years or more. However, if you can afford to pay it off sooner, choose a “shorter” long-term loan.

Now, let’s face it. If you don’t have a regular income or when you have a poor credit history, you will be viewed as a high-risk borrower and getting a loan approval can be a challenge. But wait, don’t lose hope. You can ask a friend or a relative to cosign a loan for you, guaranteeing the loan. This way, the lender will be assured that the loan will be paid off.

You won’t need any form of collateral or loan security. Your loan request will be processed right away and you will have the money you seek in no time. Everything will be accomplished online, making the process fast and simple. Call us today, so we can discuss with you the possible payment you will have in the amount and term you want.

What can I do if I wish to complain?

Information about complaints can be found in our complaints policy.

What if I can’t keep up my repayments?

If you can’t keep up with your repayments you must contact your moneylender immediately and advise your struggling with the monthly installments some companies will adjust your monthly installments to reflect what you can afford to pay back on a monthly basis please note that this can also extend your term of the agreement and probably the amount of interest that you end up paying back. You’re never advised to just stop paying your agreement as this may result in interest being charged on the agreement and missed payments showing on your file this could make obtaining further down the line a lot more difficult.

What do i do next?

Next is the fun bit you need to click on the apply button and fill out our simple online form designed to make sure the whole application as smooth and pain free as possible. The whole application process from start to finished shouldnt take you longer that 3 minutes its as simple as you can get.