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N 1-12 month repayment

Representative example: £500 borrowed for 5 months. Total amount repayable is £991.85 in 5 monthly instalments of £198.37. Interest charged is £491.85, interest rate 236.1% pa (variable). Representative 481.6% APR.

Secure Payout

Monevo’s secure technology platform will present your application to a panel of lenders to help find the best financing option for your personal situation.

Paid Into Your Account

Once your application has been accepted by one of Monevo’s lenders, in most circumstances you will receive your funds within 24 hours.*

Credit Problems*

Monevo’s panel of lenders can usually help applicants no matter what their credit history is, as all histories are considered, and they cater to a wide spectrum of customers.

Auto Decisioning- allows lenders to make a decision on your loan application without the need for human interaction, for more information please contact your lender or see their privacy policy. We Are A Credit Broker Not A Direct Lender

We all Face Financial Struggles

Let’s face it. Times are tough for most people, and even as we tighten our belts, watch our budgets and cut down on unnecessary spending, it’s still difficult to make ends meet. We still find ourselves in a quick and situation that we become desperate for financial help. The proverbial “rainy day” is no longer the exception to the rule, but rather the norm and more families are finding themselves cash-strapped and in a bind. Feeling helpless and financially tied down can be debilitating and a lot of people can attest and relate to this in the uk today.

Does this sound familiar? We and Monevo understand the stress that comes with not being able to cover costs for the essentials. understand the strain when faced with unexpected costs. Please note, before proceeding with a credit application of any kind, you should ask yourself if you would be able to make all the monthly loan repayments fully and on time. Will you be able to make the payments if your circumstances change? If you are struggling financially, you may be better off seeking independent advice or help from your local Citizens Advice Office or a debt charity. If you do need funds for an unexpected emergency or to fund a big project like home improvements or perhaps need to consolidate your debts which will enable you to make smaller payments on a monthly basis, in turn helping you have more disposable income on a month to month basis, then we and may be able to help.

What Is An Unsecured Loan and What Is A Payday Loan?

An unsecured loan is simply a form of credit that is loaned to you when you’re low on cash that which you have to pay in full at a short-term and definite schedule according to your pay date. They’re also called cash advance loans, short term loans, and personal loans; and they are often repaid with your employment cheque. This essentially means you don’t have to provide any collateral or place any of your valuable assets at risk. You may have to present legitimate proof of employment and identification documents for quick processing and approval.

If on the other hand you are looking for a larger amount over a much longer term period and think having a guarantor involved in your agreement would be beneficial then our guarantor loans no credit check page would be a great place to have a look. Need a long term contract but don’t have anyone to act as a guarantor and concerned that bad credit is limiting your options? Don’t worry, by avoiding the check with no credit checks loans you can get the funding your after without the stress that is normally involved.
A payday loan is a relatively small amount of money lent at a high rate of interest, on the agreement that it will be repaid when the borrower receives their next wages.

Typically, their duration can last from anything from a day and up to a month, although it may span a couple of months.

Short term loans are very similar to payday loans, in that they are high interest loans, but they tend to span a slightly longer term, typically from a few months and up to one year.

Payday and short term loans should be used in matters of emergency, as a quick solution to a temporary urgent issue, such as a broken-down automobile or a hole in the roof. This is because taking on a loan is a significant commitment, and failing to repay on time can have very real consequences on a customer’s credit and finances. That said, once the funds have been delivered to the approved customer, it’s up to their discretion as to how they use it.

Who Can Apply for a Payday/Short Term Loan?

We cater to all individuals who are in need of a loan. Our service is available to anyone and everyone – of all shapes and sizes. We know hard times don’t discriminate and nor do we.

If you’re in need of a quick cash loan, we can assist by putting you in touch with the right finance company. Whether it is £500 or £25,000, our trained consultants will look at the best possible lending partners for your personal situation. We explore options with you and see to it that you find the best possible match at very competitive rates.

All applications are considered, and we look at all credit histories. Yes, you are more than just your credit score, but we would like to know how credit-worthy you are and decide on that note. That means looking at your income instead of your past. Should your loan be approved, you could receive payment within the hour – that fast.
Although anyone can apply though our site, Payday loans should only be used when some kind of emergency occurs. If something breaks down or needs repairing in your household for example, or if you are faced with an urgent bill that you were not expecting.

Payday and short term loans should not be used for things such as home improvements or debt consolidation.

So Why Opt for an Unsecured Loan?

Personal loans are the same thing as an unsecured loan. Personal loans are one form of unsecured credit. They do not require you to provide an asset (e.g. jewellery, car, house, etc) as collateral for the money you borrow. So, you don’t put any assets at risk to get the right unsecured loans for you. Same money, less risk.

About Us

Life happens when you’re busy with other things and we understand it doesn’t always go according to plan. Nothing really is predictable in life. Unfortunately, it’s usually when you least expect it or need it, that unforeseen costs arise. Whether it’s a death in the family and you need to cover the costs of a funeral or you have to travel unexpectedly and need to purchase air tickers. We are specialists when it comes to unsecured loans and have been assisting hundreds of clients, who find themselves in the exact same position as you.

Our team of experts are on hand to tailor-make a lending plan that will suit your needs and your situation without placing you at more financial risk. At unsecuredloans4u we know that.

taking out a personal loan is a big responsibility and not something you do on a whim, which is why we want you to take your time and consider all the possible options before you sign on the dotted line. Borrow only what you can afford to repay to avoid further problems in the future.

unsecuredloans4u does not provide any loan or consumer credit products directly.

Responsible Lenders

We pride ourselves on being responsible money lenders, and while we’re here to make the process as quick and easy as possible, our advisers will go through your application to determine whether an unsecured loan is the best possible option for you and guide you on your way forward. Our mantra revolves mainly on client satisfaction – at all costs. We take time to discuss and introduce varied options in loans to get the right company working on your needs.

We have years of experience helping people just like you get through tough times. While we know that everyone’s story might be different, we also recognize that the stress placed on individuals and families when money is tight is very much the same. Financial difficulties run like a disease in the family and could even be communicable or infectious at some point. This is the reason our team of experts have combined forces with some of the most reputable money-lending service providers across the UK. We’re here to help, and together, we assess each application with our hearts and our heads. We want to provide a financial solution that will benefit you in the long run, rather than it just being a quick fix.
Monevo pride themselves on only working with reputable lenders and providers, which they asses by conducting very detailed due diligence on their partners.

We are only a loan introducer so we are not involved in the decisioning of which lender you will be successfully matched with, or what rate of interest you will receive. That will all depend on your circumstances and what information you put down on your application.

Serpable and their Partners

Serpable have formed relationships with various financial institutions based on shared values and a passion for helping individuals out when they need it the most. Alongside their partners, they have spent years building a reputation based on trust and responsible broking, all the while being completely open, honest and transparent about how they operate.

The Process

Regardless of your credit history, Serpable will consider your application. To apply, all you need to do is:

* Complete the form which can take under 60 seconds with the necessary information

* Submit your application form

* Using Serpable algorithm, your information is matched with one of the lenders or brokers on Serpable panel.

* You then review and carry on with the application on the lender’s website, as long as you are happy with their offer.
You are under no obligation to take out any loan that is offered to you.

* Payment is made within 24 hours*

The Loan Varieties

As introducer to Moneo, we can help towards sourcing a wide range of loans to suit your personal requirements including:

* Payday

* Car

* Long Term

* Short Term

* Guarantor

* Debt Consolidation

Should you need assistance with anything that isn’t included on the application form, we ask that you get in touch with us. We are constantly growing and adding new products to our portfolio and will do our very best to help you with your query.

Monevo’s promise to you is that they will find the very best solution for you, from what their lenders are offering, based on your personal circumstances.

The Difference Between a Payday and a Short Term Loan?

A payday loan is typically used to bridge a gap in income until your next pay date. They typically span a few days and up to a month or two. They come with very high interest rates because they are only intended to be used over a short period of time.

Short term loans are used over a longer period of time, typically over a few months and up to a year. They also have high interest rates but they are typically lower than that of payday loans.

Secured loans need you to put collateral against the loan, this helps to reduce the risk that the lender is under. It does mean however that you are at risk of losing whatever you used as collateral. Unsecured credit, on the other hand, does not require you to provide an asset as collateral. So, you don’t put any assets at risk to get the right unsecured loans for you.

Can You Manage A Quick Advance With Online Application and How to Budget for a Short Term Loan?

Everything is fast-paced nowadays. It’s a rat race and people are used to the speed. Waiting could be a drag which is why a lot of people opt for online loan applications which is said to be a. It is true that you can purchase goods and services online. Secure transactions are now made day-in and day-out because this is far more convenient and fast than going around the malls to shop or fall in line for loan applications in different financial firms. There are various portals to purchase different kinds of items to fulfill your needs. Now, It is even possible to apply for a loan with an online application and the funds will reflect in your account in a few minutes. To get very quick funds, there are relatively very few options. Payday guaranteed loan is a great option by which employees will manage credit instantly. Your security is your employment. With this type of loan, it is now possible to get funds without verifying your credit score. It is necessary to budget for your short term or payday loan. You need to ensure that above all else you will have enough funds to feed yourself and your family, and pay for all essential spending such as your mortgage or rent and household bills. You need to also leave a little aside for emergencies and unforeseen expenses, for example, if your electricity bill is a little higher in winter months. Once you have calculated exactly how much you have left once you have paid for everything you would pay for on a monthly basis, including child care, socialising, travel, etc, you will know how much you have left on a monthly basis to pay your loan back. It is never a good idea to opt for a more expensive loan than this figure, as you will struggle to pay it back.

Do you Offer The Best Online Loans?

The Payday Loans Online is a great option through which you will be able to make the most of your time, effort and money. Payday loans will be disbursed immediately so that there will be great satisfaction. Your personal needs can be met by applying an online loan. All transactions are made on the cloud which make them very accessible, easy, and speedy. The loan will be granted without going through your credit score. They can be a short term plan for a quick fix or long term loans for a larger term period for higher values.

You can apply for loan from an FCA registered company so that your personal details will not be shared with others. The confidentiality clause help keep your financial or credit documents private and secure. There will not be any application fee and the decision will be conveyed immediately. The application can be made directly on the official website of the vendor or it can be made through the agency. There are various agencies which will help you in this direction.

Shopping for the right lending company and products is easy if you have a checklist at hand. It is also good to stick with your requirements but learn to ask around and compare notes. Being realistic too with your financial capacity to pay will provide you more options in terms and interest rates. In most cases however, when there are many lending options, it will be difficult to choose the best lender available in the market. Cutting through the noise seem to be the real challenge when deciding on where to take out a loan. Word-of-mouth advertising, despite the modern times, remain to be one of the strongest promotional medium to spread the good news about a company’s products and services. Checking on reviews and the diversification in reading materials help you arrive at a decision. The review sites and price comparison sites will help you in this direction so that you will be able to make the most of your time, effort, and money.
We are a loan introducer and do not offer loans or finance of any kind.

We introduce customer to Monevo who match customer’s applications to their lender’s criteria.

Monevo do not work with all the lenders in the market but they work with a large number of reputable lenders that offer personal, short term and guarantor loans.

Monevo though their technology find the most suitable and cheapest loans for you based on your application and circumstances.

Why Payday Loans are Growing in Popularity and Alternatives to Payday

In today’s modern world the average person is unable to save money properly. So many of us are living from month to month using only our paycheques to get by. This is fine on a normal basis when things are going as expected but when something unexpected arises what do you do. There are so many situations where having no savings can leave you feeling stranded. Perhaps your car has broken down and you need to get it fixed. On the other hand, you may have a surprise bill or an invoice that is much higher than you had equated for.

A large number of people, a number that is continuously growing, turn to payday loans for this kind of situation. By borrowing a small amount for a very short period you can keep control of your finances and reduce the stress your under massively. By only borrowing the amount you need and for a short time you keep the costs and risk to a minimum while opening up your financial availability. It’s no wonder that so many people are using payday loans to help them keep things balanced from month to month.
The Money Advice Service have devised a clever guide for regular users of payday and short term loans, click here to access: https://www.moneyadviceservice.org.uk/en/payday-loans/self_service/bills (insert hyperlink)

Here they have listed a number of uses for loans, e.g. to go on holiday or money for food, and listed better alternatives to payday loans.

Do Payday loans Come With Restrictions?

Payday Loans Online will be granted without any restrictions. Banks will go through your credit score and should provide the proof of income. When you go for payday loan, the verification will be done to figure out the correctness of the information. Your location, employment, age, gender and other details will be verified. Even though you go through temporary unemployment, you will be able to apply for a payday loans. There are various reasons to apply for a payday loan. Some of the reasons include car repairs, rent, mortgage, groceries, unexpected utility bills, and sickness. You can apply for a poor loan for short-term needs and you will not want to provide the information about the purpose of funds.

You can speak to the customer care before applying for the loan so that all your queries will be answered. It is also possible to reach the support team through email or chat and your issues will be resolved immediately. By choosing the best payday loan, your financial difficulties can be overcome very quickly. You will not want to reach the brick and mortar bank to apply for the loan. The loan application will be submitted online and the decision will be conveyed on the same day. In most of the cases, the confirmation will be provided in few minutes. The service is provided 24 hours a day and 365 days of the year. There are lenders who will grant up to £1000 for new customers without any issues. You are advised to go through the reviews and feedback offered by customers so that the most appropriate lender can be chosen as per your needs. When you are successfully granted and paid the finds from your payday loan, it is completely under your discretion how you utilise it.

However, yes, the correct answer is that payday loans come with restrictions. A payday loan is a relatively small amount of money lent at a high rate of interest, on the agreement that it will be repaid when the borrower receives their next wages. Typically, their duration can last from anything from a day and up to a month, although it may span a couple of months. Compare short term loans are very similar to payday loans, in that they are high interest loans, but they tend to span a slightly longer term, typically from a few months and up to one year. Payday and short term loans should be used in matters of emergency, as a quick solution to a temporary urgent issue, such as a broken-down automobile or a hole in the roof. This is because taking on a loan is a significant commitment, and failing to repay on time can have very real consequences on a customer’s credit and finances. Payday and short term loans should not be used for things such as home improvements or debt consolidation.

Check Your Eligibility

To get quick Payday Loans Online, you should fulfill the eligibility criteria. You need to be 18 years of age or above and you must have a valid UK bank account. The other parameters that should be fulfilled by the applicant include being a resident of the UK, are  employed and receiving regular paycheck. When you apply for the loan through us the loan application will be processed immediately and a decision will be conveyed very quickly. We understand that waiting a long time to receive an answer on your application is the last thing you need when your need for cash is immediate. So to make sure that this doesn’t happen we assure that if the loan application is granted, the amount will be credited into your account immediately.

When you apply for loan through us, you will not incur additional expenses, are service is entirely free for you and anyone else that wants to apply for finance. We get commission from the lenders so that you can use a reputed service provider without spending anything more than you have to.

The repayment will be done as per the terms and conditions of the particular plan that you are accepted for. If you need more time to repay your loan, you should approach the customer care system that the lender has in place immediately. The best option will be provided so that you can clear the loan without any issues. Make sure that you act as quickly as possible, doing nothing could result in serious monetary issues. After all, problems don’t fix themselves. Every lender will be happy to discuss the problem and sort out the most suitable solution, all you have to do is call.
Luckily, we do not conduct any hard search on your credit file and neither do Monevo, when assessing your suitability.

You can check you are eligible for a loan with Monevo’s lenders and rest assured that this will leave no mark on your credit file.

A lender will only conduct a hard search on your file once you have decided you want to proceed with a particular offer and sign your loan agreement.

Please note that in addition, we and Monevo will not charge you for using our services. Monevo’s loan matching service is completely free and our loan introducer service is also completely free.

What Can I Do If I Decide To Complain?

Information about complaints can be found in our complaints policy.

What If I Can’t Keep Up With My Repayments?

If you can’t keep up with your repayments, you must contact your lender immediately and advise them that you’re struggling with the monthly instalments. Some companies will adjust your monthly instalments to reflect what you can afford to pay back on a monthly basis. Keep communications open and be honest about your financial capacity to pay as lenders would be more than happy to make the necessary adjustments and assist you so you can make prompt repayments without putting much strain on your finances.

Please note that this can also extend your term of the agreement and probably the amount of interest that you end up paying back. Everything comes with a price, so-to-speak. You’re never advised to just stop paying your agreement as this may result in interest being charged on the agreement and missed payments showing on your file. This could definitely hurt your credit reputation and subsequently make obtaining further loans down the line a lot more difficult than it is right now.

What Do I Do Next?

Next is the fun bit, you need to click on the apply button and fill out our simple online form designed to make sure the whole application goes as smooth and pain-free as possible. The whole application process – from start to finish – shouldn’t take you longer than three minutes. It’s as simple as you can get to obtaining the funding you need at a speedy rate.
If you are happy that you fully understand what a payday loan is and what the differences are between short term and payday loans, and also what both should and shouldn’t be used for, you can apply though our website by completing the quick application form by clicking the ‘apply now’ button below.

*Subject to lender approval and requirements.