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Representative example: £500 borrowed for 5 months. Total amount repayable is £991.85 in 5 monthly instalments of £198.37. Interest charged is £491.85, interest rate 236.1% pa (variable). Representative 481.6% APR.

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Taking out a finance can be an excellent way to make your quality of life a little more comfortable and to avoid spiralling fees. If your cash flow is struggling and you have an unexpected expense, then an agreement can help you to avoid late repayment fees, or going without a boiler or a car for weeks on end. Otherwise, it can simply be the means to go on that holiday you’ve been dreaming of or to afford that powerful new computer. Either way, you can then pay back the full amount in small, manageable instalments that better suit your cash flow and that will feel considerably less ‘painful’ coming out of your account.


But a loan is only a good option when you can find the best rates so that you aren’t paying unnecessarily high fees. And to accomplish that, the best type of loan is a secured loan. And by using a comparison site (that’s us!) you can make sure you’re matched with the very best loan for you that will provide you with the best rates and the most flexible repayment options!


Get in touch today to learn more about our secured loans, or use the free tools around this site to find the right loan for you. Otherwise, keep reading to learn more about our service and why a secured loan might be right for you!

What is Secured finance?

And How This Type of agreement Can Get You the cash You Need at the Best Possible Rates!

If ever you need money, then secured finance is always the best type to look for first. This is the type of finance that will give you the very best rates and the most flexibility with regards to how you pay the pounds back.

Of course, not one option is right for everyone though and part of our job is to make sure that our customers find the right options for them. So just what is a secured agreement and how do you know if it’s the best choice for you?

Essentially, this money is a really simple concept that has been ‘secured’ against some kind of asset. This means that you are using a possession of yours as collateral, so that if you should be unable to make the repayments, then the lender will be able to seize that asset in order to make up the shortfall.

The most common example of an asset that you might use in this manner is a property. Secureds very often involve using a home as collateral and that way, if you are unable to pay back the monthly instalments, then you could stand to lose your home. Of course this is very much a last resort however and as with any other agreement, you’ll have the opportunity to make up missed payments (though this might incur a fee).

There are other ways that a money and it can be secured too. One type of secured agreement is a logbook loan. As you may already have guessed, these types of finance involve using a vehicle as collateral and actually, ownership of your car will transfer to the lender the moment that you default on the agreement. This doesn’t mean that the lender pays the tax though… And of course, you will remain in possession of the car and be able to drive it as normal. Once you pay off the agreement in full, ownership will return to you but if you continuously miss payments, then the lender is entitled to sell the car in order to make up the amount.

So why is this beneficial for you as a lender? Why is a secured agreements so often the best type to choose?

Secured finance also come with another advantage – they are easier to secure if you have a bad credit rating. Your credit rating is once again an indicator of risk. This is a score that is calculated based on your previous performance in paying back the agreement, so if you have paid off many previous finance quickly and easily, then you should have a good score compared to if you have never taken out a finance agreement, or if you have defaulted on repayments or been bankrupt.

Because people with poor credit histories are considered higher risk, this means that it can be very expensive for them to take out any finance. At the same time, it might mean they can’t take out a conventional money at all. In such scenarios, taking out a secured cash can be a means to prove that you are a ‘safe bet’ for your lender or bank and to that way get the money you need despite your score.

For people who need a cash with the best possible rates, a secured option is the best option. And for people who need a cash but don’t have a good credit history, secured are also a great choice!

How it Works – Using Our Service to Find the Best Possible Loan

Our job is to help you get the very best agreements possible and to help you navigate all the terminology, jargon and stress involved with financial products.

If you take a look around the site, you’ll find a ton of information on different types of finance and that can give you a good start when it comes to finding the best deal for you. Once you have an idea of the type of cash you’re looking for, then you can use our services to find the best rates for you. We’ll help you to compare the rates from different lenders, taking into account your specific circumstances and comparing different terms and repayment schemes. All you need to do is fill out a few questions and then choose from the selection that we find for you.

Your job is to think about not only how much money you need to borrow but also how long you’re going to need it for, what kind of APR you’re willing to pay and how regular you want to make your repayments.

How to Get a Loan if You Have Bad Credit?

The simple answer is that secured finance are usually the cheapest. When a lender or a bank you money, it is useful to think of this as an investment for them. They give you the money on the

understanding that they will get back more money in return, which is just the same as if you were to invest in stocks and shares, or perhaps a savings account. As with investing in stocks and shares though, investing by lending cash involves some risk – and that means that the lender needs to consider the risk-to-reward ratio. That reward is tied to how much interest they charge.

So, in other words, the less risky an agreement is to a lender, the lower the rates it will be willing to offer. If there is a 100% likelihood of the lender receiving all of the monthly instalments in full, then it will be able to charge a lot less because it has ‘nothing to lose’. You are a ‘sure thing’ and while it will still want to make a profit, the number one concern is going to be getting your business – meaning that the APR can be considerably smaller and you can borrow the money without paying too much back.

Consider that the typical APR on a secured agreement is likely to be anywhere between 3%-15% APR, whereas an unsecured, no-credit check payday can carry an APR of anything up to 400%. This is a massive difference but in reality, the two products are completely different and can’t really be compared fairly.

*Subject to lender approval and requirements.